"Franzi Ehmer is a London based and German-born mixed media artist: Tattooist, figurative painter, abstraction & serial doodler. 

Her passion for the art of tattooing was discovered during her travels around South East Asia  - clear influence is displayed in her portfolio, specialising in black work, dotwork, Tibetan and Thai designs. After completing her apprenticeship at Studiotrap (West Norwood, London) and building her confidence, skill and client base at TATU SOCIETY (London Bridge, London) she is now traveling and tattooing by her partner, Dominic Calvort's side.

Franzi's career in art begun in the medium of painting- her early and intimate works surround the essence of restriction. Her artworks depict the restrictions in the mind, body and movement, along side society, culture and religion. Exploration of the theme begun with personal narrative and self-reflection leading to the facades and hidden boundaries inflicted by exterior forces. Tackling oppression and discomfort for communities and individuals is a growing passion for Franzi, and is represented in a number of her works. Rich in psychological nature and twisted images, the viewer is lured into a world of realization and appreciation. Her current works encompass abstract ideas and mix media processes. In contrast to her abstract focus and studies of the interaction between colours and shapes, her detail orientated eye has been caught by the medium of tattooing and is currently building a portfolio heavily incorporating dot work and line work. 



“Capturing the viewer’s eye and creating an impression is ultimately what I wish to achieve through my art. Awakening as well as a sense of self discovery is left lingering in the thoughts of the viewer.”


- Franzi Ehmer