Candidate Statement 


​"The course exposed me to the vast variety in the world of art. In the beginning of the course I was introduced to numerous artists and styles, reflecting different time periods and cultures. Through this I adopted a new pair of eyes for art as well as expanding my creative techniques.


The workbook investigations have contributed to my knowledge of art; allowing exploration of different artists and art works, experimentation with new techniques, media, and ultimately development of new skills. Studying artworks influenced my views and therefore my art. Looking at illustrators acted as the key to my dark theme of Restriction. Artists such as Francis Bacon, Seth Siro Anton, Anthony Micallef, Chris May, uncovered the dark, twisted figurative subjects and painting styles that soon became my primary focus. Towards the end of the course, I explored an abstract approach; Richter’s use of thick paints and palette knife resembled restriction. Jason Alexander Shawn’s ‘Mourners Series’ also impacted me greatly while adopting a more abstract technique. The workbook documents these ideas that lead to my studio work.


The theme of restriction includes several topics, such as restriction in religion and culture, in movement, in painting technique and ultimately restriction in self. My studio works portray the idea in a number of ways. Examples of ‘Restriction in self’ are present in artworks such as ‘Depression’ and ‘Two-headed Girl’, concerning psychological disorders. I also incorporated the element of restriction during the process of creation, for example the painting technique used in ‘Two Men’. I restricted myself primarily to shades of black, white and grays, then finally adding fleshy skin tones to contribute to the humanity. The use of palette knives and thick brush strokes emphasize the theme as well as emotion. Another medium I worked with was photography and film. My knowledge of digital and film taught me certain methods and applying Photoshop features.


Capturing the viewer’s eye and creating an impression is what I wish to achieve through my art. Expression as well as a sense of entrapment is left lingering in the thoughts of the viewer."


- Franzi Ehmer

IB Higher Level Art (2010 - 2012)